Original Design: Phoenix ver 2

Model: Phoenix Ver.2

Material: 10 inches square scrapbook page

Time to complete: 2 hours

Structure: Off-centered bird/frog hybrid base with stripped graft for wings

It all started with me wanting to design a bird model that have both wings and legs. Cuz, back in the days, I was always folding bird models that either have legs or wings only. My dream was sorta achieved when I designed my first phoenix (Maybe I will post the pictures of it later). That was at least 5 years ago. As my skill grew, so did my models.

This model is made from a hybrid base of bird base and frog base. I used strip graft to form the wings. The coolest part about this model is that the legs are actually made from flaps formed in the center of the paper. IT's a bit thick, but the model turn out great. In my opinions anyway.

My plan for this model would be... for it to have nicer tails.... ^.^