Project for Telus

Models: Cranes, Peacock, Swan, Giraffe, butterfly, hippo (not shown)

Designers: Alex Yue (me), Helen Lee, the rest were traditional models

Materials: Fake Telus invoices

Time to complete: 16 hours

This was yet another one of the commission project that I've done with my friends in the Origami Society of Toronto.

The commercial company that work for Telus contacted us with an last time request for a number of animal, tree and buttefly designs (To be more precise, I got the call just after failing my driver's test for the second time, and in the midst of my University papers...)

It was by far the most challenging project that we've ever done. That's because the request included a large number of original complex designs in a few days. I took up a bigger portion of the work since I was considered as one of the more advanced folder in my group. It was a tough job as the expectation was high.

I had to resort to cheating by using non purist methods, such as using more than one sheet of paper. And there were some struggles among our team memeber. It was a real test of skill. Never before that I was able to create new designs and refine them in such a short amount of time.

In the end, most of the models gone unused, but I think that we as a team did a pretty good job handling it.

Here is where one of the model is used: