Original Design: Pegasus Ver. 2

Model: Pegasus Ver 2

Material: Unknown

Time to complete: 1.5 hours

This is yet another example of my old designs getting improved. I made the very first version of this thing over 10 years ago. It was somewhat weird looking, with really short legs and overly large wings. Then I revise it several time. A diagram of one the stage can be found here:


Some of you may noticed that the diagram is an earlier version while the display picture is a more complex version. I found an alternate base which allow far longer legs.

After learning the grafting method from Robert Lang's book, Origami Design Secret. I was able to give my Pegasus a pair of more feathery wings :D My only complain is that the folding procedure is a bit tricky, which is also why I haven't diagram it. The body is somewhat thick and bulky. If I fold it with foil, the legs will look overly thin compared to the thick body. In this case, regular paper is more preferable than foil :P