Original Design: Ganesh

Model: Ganesh 

10 inches foil paper (upper photo)
30 inches wrapping paper (lower photo)

Time to complete: 1.5 hours

Structure: Adapted from Robert Lang's Shiva

A while back, a production company asked me to design a model for Ganesh, an Hindu elephant God.

It was an odd request, and a challenging one. My customer informed me that it was for a TV show based on the book, Blood Letting and Miraculous Cures.

After much contemplation, I recall that Mr. Robert Lang has a Shiva model that is similar in number of flaps and structure. So I use the same base, but made changes to the head and the positioning of the arms and legs.

I even contacted Mr. Lang for permission as it was a case of adaptation. He said that no permission was needed on his part, and that "It is a very nice Ganesh! (In fact, a better Ganesh than mine was a Shiva!) So good luck with the TV gig."

It was rather exciting to have a world class origami artist making such comment ^.^

Needless to say, my customer was very pleased.

I wonder in which episode of the TV show my model appeared in?

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