Original design: Phoenix Ver.3 and Pegasus Ver. 3.5

Model: Phoenix Ver. 3

Designer and folder: Alex Yue
Material: 10 inches origami paper

This model originated as an attempt to add legs to the traditional phoenix. I was able to use the centre of the paper to create the talons; a feature used in Ver.2. The head is a huge improvement from the previous version. The look of the head feather was borrowed from Chow's phoenix, but the structure was totally different as it used the edge of a border graft. The wings has a lot of Kamiya influence, a common theme in my work. The tail feathers were a series of pleats. However, due to the shape of the structure, there are three slightly longer points. And that gives it the feel of having three major tails plus numbers other feathers.
Model: Pegasus Ver. 3.5

Designer and folder: Alex Yue

Material: 12 inches TAN paper

This model used the same base as the previous version, but with a different proportion to allow a more even paper distribution. The legs are more to scale like a real horse. And more detail is given to the head. The wings had to be simplified to look more natural.